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Using the the Features of the Art Detail page


When you click on an image in the Gallery you arrive here, where you can look at the art in its largest form. Click the art again for a cool "lightbox" effect. To the right of the image is the dashboard for making your art connections on the Gallery, shown below.

Help - Art DetailAdd to this Thread:

Add to the conversation by placing your art in the thread this art belongs to.

Respond to this Piece:

Inspired by this piece? Respond directly to this art. The person who placed it will get a message saying they have a response!

Add New Art:

Before you can Add to the Thread or Respond to a Piece you will need to have your art in My Gallery. Choose Add New Art and upload all you want! You can come back to this piece easily - it will be the first one in the View History in My Gallery.

Mini-Thread View:

This is a small slice of the Thread this art belongs to. In this case, the art is in the Amelia Island Thread, and there are a total of 13 pieces in that Thread. Use the arrows to browse the Thread from here, or choose View Thread for the whole picture.