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ArtThread Partners with The Wellness Community
Art Happens at "Giving Hunger the Blues"

 There's nothing like the look on a child's face as they become totally engrossed in making something they can call their own. Those looks, along with plenty of "ooohs" and "aaahs", were plentiful in The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida's booth at the "Giving Hunger The Blues" event in Sarasota last Sunday.

The ArtThread Foundation displayed its Interactive Online Gallery as part of The Wellness Community's cancer support offerings.  Children and adults were mesmerized by ArtThread's online art-making program SPLASH!, a web-based painting program that includes tools that can make anyone feel like an artist. 

Once someone's masterpiece is ready, it can easily be saved and displayed on the ArtThread Online Gallery, and this is where the connections begin.  People can use the Gallery to have an art-to-art conversation, adding their own creative expression to a particular conversation - an "art thread."

"It was a real treat to watch the kids' faces as they began to use the varied brushes and colors available with SPLASH!" said Rob Rothschild, President of the ArtThread Foundation. "They were thrilled to get a chance to be creative, and to do something in support of kids with cancer."     Read more...

Killswitch Collective Features ArtThread
The Gallery's Designers Show Off Their Work!
ArtThread's look and feel is the work of the Killswitch Collective, a superb group of designers, programmers, and production specialists who remain true to their founding tenets of creative energy and aesthetic diversity with an intimate, collaborative vibe.
Killswitch did an amazing job in creating a site for ArtThread that mixes a clean, modern look with the unpredictability of creative expression.  We are so proud to have Benjamin Finch, Meredith Martin, and Lindsey Turner on the ArtThread team.  Their work is one of the main reasons ArtThread is so much fun!
 ArtThread Partners - using the Gallery to make connections:

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