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April /2009

Jay and RobArtThread chosen as featured member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare (SAH)

Each month the SAH  selects a member to feature in the SAH Connections Newsletter.   In March they chose ArtThread.

"We have big goals at the ArtThread Foundation - nothing less than creating a global community of people who embrace and share creative expression," said Rob Rothschild,  President of the ArtThread Foundation.  Click here t0 see the interview with Rob and Jay Klein, CEO/Founder of ArtThread.

ArtThread Presents at the Florida Occupational Therapy Association  (FOTA) Conference

 Using Splash! as a therapeutic tool in OT practice

ArtThread at FOTAOccupational therapists got an in-depth chance to see how Splash!, ArtThread's online art-making tool, can become an effective way of engaging clients to practice both motor and cognitive functions, and have some fun at the same time.   

During the training 30 occupational therapists  experienced the social networking features of ArtThread's Interactive Online Gallery as part of FOTA's 2009 Conference ""Reconnecting Art and Science with
 Occupational Therapy."  The two-hour class included step-by-step training in using the broad range of brushes and tools available in Splash!, and focused on how these feature could become a therapeutic model to help remediate, maintain, compensate, adapt to, or preventing disabilities.
 Jay at FOTA
Participating therapists participated in a lively discussion on how this technology will be used with a broad range of clients, included those in transition to the work environment.  ArtThread's web-based tools allow for continuity in therapy, in tracking progress, and in communicating between client and therapist. 

Using Splash at FOTAArt made online at the training is displayed on the FOTA Day thread on the ArtThread Gallery.  Each artist got both group and individual instruction (Jay works with a participant in the photo above).  The training took place in one of the new computer labs at the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences in Orlando.
Art from Mr. B now online in the VSA Online Gallery
Florida's favorite folk artist has an ArtThread online store

Jack Beverland, or Mr. B as everyone calls him, is a "self-taught Southern folk artist who finds peace of mind in his special kind of art.   He portrays in his works the simple life - the life that most of us want to live - the days of our childhood - the dreams we once had and most importantly, the way we would all like it to be."

Freedom is Not Free, Mr. BAfter attending the Work of Art Program, a comprehensive training on the business of art online, Mr. B added his art to the VSA arts of Florida Online Gallery.  There you can see his work, and purchase wearables and accessories imprinted with his beautiful interpretations of the simple life.

Great Blue Heron, Mr. B
Jack has appeared in Who's Who in American Art, and has exhibited at the
VSA Arts International Conference, the Keel Library, the Tampa Museum of Fine Art show, the St. Petersburg Fine Art show, and at the Cotton Club Museum. Visit his website to learn more.

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