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Through service, education, and research, the ArtThread Foundation
makes art and creative expression readily available to those impacted
by illness, physical limitations, or social consequence.

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Amazing art from the Work of Art Program
New version of Splash! now online
Rotary Club of
New Tampa, FL
Rotary of New Tampa
Presents an interactive art experience!

On Friday March 13th, 2009 New Tampa Rotary will host a special  event at the Tampa Palms Country Club that will benefit both the ArtThread Foundation and the Rotary Foundation. Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for more details about this highly interactive evening, and how you can get your invitation.

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Sandy's Mug!
Make your own one-of-a-kind stuff with your art on it!
Proudly display your individual creative expression - just click on the any piece of art in the Gallery and follow the little t-shirt icon - its fast and easy! 
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All images at right made with the new version of
ArtThread's online art-making tool.
beth!New Programs and Presentations 
The ArtThread Foundation is proud to announce the installation of "The ArtThread Technology Corner" at Shriners Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event in next month's newsletter.

Jay Klein, CEO/Founder and Rob Rothschild, President of the ArtThread Foundation will present the workshop  "Exploring the Use of Online Art-Making, Presentation, and Social Networking Tools in Occupational Therapy" at the Florida Occupational Therapy Association Conference in Orlando, Florida on February 8, 2009.
Amazing art made at the Work of Art Program

 You can support these artists - visit the VSA-ArtThread Gallery!

"It was great!! Thank you for coming and giving us this great chance to be successful again!"  -VSA artist

beach night, by mzaborArtThread, in conjunction with VSA arts of Florida, recently presented the "Work of Art Program," a full day of  free personalized arts training with hands-on  demonstration activities, featuring art-making with Splash!, ArtThread's innovative online painting tool that makes it easy to get creative. 

During the training 26 artists experienced the fun of working with all the engaging features of ArtThread's Interactive Online Gallery, as well as working in the studio with traditional art supplies.  Each artist made their own Thread on the VSA-ArtThread Gallery, and all the hands-on art made that day can be seen in the WOA Day thread.  
 At the Work of Art class
Artists learned the basics of digital imagery for the web along with ArtThread's product-maker feature, which allows them to have their art imprinted on one-of-a-kind items like t-shirts and posters.  Click and follow the images to see the finished product!  Artists also learned to use the Gallery's art sharing functions as a way to promote their work.

Fun with Splash!The Work of Art Program is the result of a major grant from The Able Trust, also known as the Florida Governor's Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities, which was awarded to the ArtThread Foundation and VSA arts of Florida to create this unique program that helps artists with disabilities in the greater Tampa Bay area achieve success as working artists.
New version of Splash! now online

Make mosaics, collages, and collaborate with friends to make a communal art experience!Sandy's Party Collage!

Created for ArtThread through the generosity of Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, and now updated with the genius of the team at Electric Owl Studios, Splash! is an amazingly fun and sophisticated art tool.

Misty-Gauze-Veil, by mzaborDesigned for all ages and all abilities, Splash! gives everyone a moment of creativity. Jump in the pool - just click anywhere to start painting. The program is designed for you to get going without knowing exactly how everything works. Splash! has great depth and can be unpredictable - go ahead and explore! brainsmash

This new version offers you the ability to bring in any piece of art and paint over it, or to bring in multiple images and make collages or mosaics made of many pieces, as in the collage at upper right. 

Imagine the shared tulleexperience of working with a friend on a creative project, even though you may be a world apart.  Organizations can use this feature for community building, and for connecting members across time and space.  It's all part of ArtThread's mission to help your organization achieve its mission, and to give you an engaging way to tap into your own creativity.  Enjoy! 
Our partners - using the ArtThread Online Gallery to make connections:  

UCLA Pediatric Pain Program

Carnegie Mellon ETC  
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