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July 2009
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New Partner: Sustainable Cambodia
Outstanding Community Partner Award

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ArtThread's Founder Chosen as Delegate to 2009 Livestrong Global Cancer Summit in Dublin

"Extraordinary commitment" leads to invitation
Lance Armstrong Foundation
"I am a childhood cancer survivor who has used the power of creative expression as a survivorship tool within my own personal experience," begins the commitment Jay Klein wrote for his entry into the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Livestrong Global Cancer Summit, set for August 2009 in Dublin.

Jay, the CEO and founder of ArtThread, was part of a select group of individuals and organizations who have made commitments to global cancer control.  The summit brings together "world leaders, corporations, non-government organizations, and advocates in an unprecedented show of solidarity."

This is a huge honor for Jay and the whole ArtThread team, and we are proud to be represented at this important international event.

"The overall goal of the ArtThread Foundation is to share the international reach of our proprietary technology by partnering with other organizations whose mission it is to improve the quality of lives of cancer patients. Our hope is that these partnerships build community, increase awareness, and offer innovative methods towards sustainability," continues Jay in his commitment.  We'll keep you posted on the event when Jay returns.
New partner: Sustainable Cambodia!

Helping the residents of rural Cambodian villages create a sustainable quality of life.

Well drillingWe are so proud to be partnering with the folks from Sustainable Cambodia.  They are a model organization, both for the vision to empower rural families in rebuilding their communities and for the incredible commitment by their onsite Cambodian staff to effect lasting, positive change.

Sustainable Cambodia (SC) is supported by sponsors from all over the world and especially by Rotary Clubs in the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond.  As a grass-roots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Sustainable Cambodia uses a unique structure to ensure that 100% of funding goes directly into the community development and education programs. Programs assist the residents of rural Cambodian villages to create a sustainable quality of life through wells, irrigation systems, economic opportunities, schools, training and empowerment.

"We'll be using our Sustainable Cambodia/ArtThread Gallery as a fun way for sponsors to connect to their students through the exchange of art and photographs," said Richard Allen, volunteer CEO of SC.  

Working with beesFounded in 2003, Sustainable Cambodia is now working with more than 11 village communities in central Cambodia, and more than 15,000 villagers, including more than 8,000 children. The goal of this new partnership with ArtThread is to encourage students, teachers, sponsors, volunteers and supporters to connect though the ArtThread technology.

Chey art "Sustainable Cambodia's core mission continues to be education. We have a school near the town of Pursat with over 300 enthusiastic students in grades 1-12, as well as preschools in many of the villages and over 45 students who have graduated and are now in college on SC scholarships. And remarkably we have internet access! Sharing art and photographs on this Interactive Gallery will help our students and sponsors to communicate the images of their life experiences," says Susan Mastin, SC Director.

"This new Sustainable Cambodia Gallery is provided through the generosity of ArtThread, and we thank them for all their help!"

ArtThread receives VSA arts Outstanding Community Partner Award
VSa arts
We are proud that the national office of VSA arts chose ArtThread to receive the 2009 Outstanding Community Partner Award. This honor comes from our work with the VSA arts of Florida (VSAFL), one of the most effective VSA affiliates in the country.  Together we created the Work of Art program, a hands-on training program that teaches technical and entrepreneurial skills to artists with disabilities. 

"Everyone at VSAFL helped to make the Work of Art program a wonderful success," said Jay Klein, ArtThread's CEO.  Artists have uploaded over 600 pieces of art to the VSAFL/ArtThread Interactive Online GalleryRead more.
Our partners - using the ArtThread Online Gallery to make connections:  
Sustainable Cambodia
                                     UCLA Pediatric Pain Program

Carnegie Mellon ETC   

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